Developer Guidelines

Our Guidelines for Developers

Last Updated: May 31, 2020

These guidelines, as updated from time to time, set out certain expectations in respect of Apps which use APIs powered by Tapico.  They are referred to in the contract between you and the platform or marketplace operator (“Operator”) which provides the APIs to you. Terms defined in that contract (the “Agreement”) have the same meaning in these guidelines.

Your Apps, and your operation and marketing of those Apps, must comply with the spirit and the letter of these Developer Guidelines.


1.     Design, experience and accessibility

You should design your App with Clients and End Users in mind, with a view to providing a useful, seamless and enjoyable experience.  You should ensure that you are available to assist Clients and End Users with technical and other support they may require.
Ensure that your App is accessible to its audience, is suitable for the devices on which it will be used and does not include content or interface elements which may not be available to some users.


2.     Advertising and promotion

Unless it is part of the core functionality of your App, your App should not include marketing or advertising for other services, and should not be intended to gather information from users for marketing purposes.
Your App must be promoted responsibly, its description must comply with all applicable advertising regulations, and should not be misleading or inaccurate.  Your App should meet the expectations of your users and conform in all respects to its description and specification, and any promotional material you use.


3.     Security and data protection

You must ensure that all information related to or otherwise provided by Clients, Platforms or End Users is kept safe and secure by adopting and implementing dedicated and adequate technical (e.g. software and hardware solutions) and organisational (policies, processes etc.) measures to prevent unauthorised access, loss or damage to data.
You must, as a minimum, ensure that your Apps meet the minimum security standards required by Tapico and the Operator at all times, including as made available to you from time to time and as available here
Data should be encrypted while at rest and in transit, and your App should not, and should not seek to, access, transmit, retain, disclose or otherwise process any personal or other data without obtaining and recording the consent of the party to which that data relates, save to the extent you are entitled to do so without consent in accordance with applicable laws including Data Protection Laws, and have obtained the Operator’s approval.
Your App, systems, servers and databases, and other infrastructure, should be kept up to date and configured correctly to ensure effective security.