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We are on a mission to give businesses the tools they need to help their customers successfully manage and grow their wealth.

What we offer

Tapico creates technology to help you give your customers the experience you want them to have.
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Our API enables you to define and target the data and actions that add value to you and your customers.


Consent Management

Our API makes it simple for your customers to control what data they want to share with you.


Information Aggregation

Our API connects your systems so you can manage your information the way you want to.

Engineered to be simple

Tapico works with companies of any size who are looking to push financial services further. We believe in keeping things simple and engineer our solutions to do just that.

From early-stage fintechs to long-standing established institutions, If improved access to data will add value to you and your customers then we’re here to help.

Use cases

Find out how Tapico could help your business

Holistic Wealth View

View and manage your customers’ financial profiles including their Investment, Pension and Insurance products managed by different providers.

Ecosystem Creation

Increase the value of your digital proposition by creating an ecosystem of trusted third parties, helping you expand the value you offer to your customers.

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