Pensions Dashboards are coming.
Are you prepared?

PensionHub exists to ensure Pension Providers and Schemes have an easy way to be compliant with the Pensions Dashboards Ecosystem.

A collaboration by

We created an Integrated Service Provider solution to make it easy for you to participate in the Pensions Dashboard Programme’s (PDP) Ecosystem and meet your obligations on an on-going basis.

You securely send us your data as a flat file.

We ensure the government agencies and approved dashboard providers can use it.


We make your path to compliance as frictionless as possible.

Looking for a cost effective way to comply?


PensionHub is designed to be low-friction and cost effective. It slots into your existing operations, ensuring your compliance. You send us data, we do the heavy lifting. Our portal is intuitive so your operational teams can focus on core business tasks.


PensionHub has bank-grade security baked in. FNZ and Tapico are trusted by some of the largest financial institutions both in the UK and around the world. We've built on this and continued to design in accordance with international best practice.


PensionHub is compliant by design. Using it to connect to the Pensions Dashboard Ecosystem ensures you meet your regulatory obligations relating to PDP data and we've also included solutions to help with your on-going operational obligations.

Why choose PensionHub?

FNZ and Tapico are in the business of ensuring the largest Investment Platforms around the world have robust, secure and scalable technology to carry out their regulated operations.

We’re both regulated entities so we understand the burden of compliance at a practical level. Our solutions are designed with your operating environment in mind. 

By choosing our PensionHub you can be confident that you’ll meet your compliance obligations on an ongoing basis and in a cost effective manner.  

This is what we do. 

We take your operations  into account. 

Helping people find their pension information is what this is all about and PensionHub does the heavy lifting for you.

It receives requests and matches them to your pension records using matching rules that can be defined by you. 

Full matches are automatically communicated back to the PDP ecosystem. Partial matches are tagged and are stored in PensionHub for your teams to process. Your users are alerted and use PensionHub to analyse and match in alignment with your risk appetite. PensionHub feeds all results back to the PDP ecosystem to close the loop. 

It’s also fully auditable and automates required reporting, making it simple for your teams and keeping operational overhead low. 

If you need a solution for partial match analysis, we can help with that too.

PensionHub even supports Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit schemes.

We’ve got you covered.

Let’s explore how we can help you connect to the PDP ecosystem.