Tapico’s suite of solutions help you do more with your tools.

We help you lower the cost to serve your customers without the overhead of moving away from your existing systems. Tapico has a suite of tools dedicated to giving your staff back their time so they can focus growing your business instead of executing administration tasks. 

Adviser gateway

Struggling because the tools you use to provide Financial and Investment advice don’t talk to each other?

Our Adviser Gateway helps you connect your tools so you can use them in the way that best suits your business.

Provide your advisory services in a streamlined manner without rekeying important information. A better experience for your customers, advisers, and operational staff.

We help streamline your processes and lower your cost to serve.

App Marketplace

Are your platform users screaming for straight through processing with their apps?

Our App Marketplace technology connects a range of applications to your platform.

Help your users sell investment products on your platform by ensuring they have the information they need in their tools on-demand.

The App Marketplace provides a range of best in class app connections to your platform out-of -the-box so your users can sell your products efficiently.

Are you needing a seamless way to participate in the pensions dashboards programme?

Our Pension Hub ensures you can participate in the PDP ecosystem and help people securely find their lost pension information.

If you’re a pension provider then compulsory onboarding of your pension product information to the Pensions Dashboards Ecosystem is set to begin in 2023.

We help you meet your compliance requirements in a cost-effective way. 


Need a better way to accept bank payments from your customers and reconcile them with their investments?

Our BankPay capability is the wealth industry’s dedicated open banking payment facility.

BankPay uses open banking to lower the cost of payments by avoiding the use of card payment schemes. It also reconciles those payments with your platform to eliminate the need for manual processing.

We help you lower the cost of your payments and streamline your operations.

Let’s explore how we can help you serve more clients